Who Are We?

Organic Trade Association
"All Things Organic"
Conference & Trade Show
Austin, Texas
May 8-11, 2002

Trade Show Booth
Tikvah Organic Soap & Environmental Health Network

OTA Trade Show Entrance
All Things Organic Conference & Trade Show 2002
It doesn't seem like over 1000 people were there...I took the picture after the Trade Show closed
Tikvah and EHN Booth
Our shared booth: Tikvah Organic Soap & the Environmental Health Network of California. That's my (Cyndi's) wheelchair taking a break. Note the oxygen off to the right, that's mine too. Kept me going with the new carpet fumes (even organic organizations aren't perfect).
EHN Booth
Connie Barker of EHN
Cyndi Norman, Tikvah
Cyndi Norman, owner of Tikvah Organic Soap
Tikvah's Soap Display Case
Tikvah's Soap Display Case
The bags were free samples for people to take home. The glass bottle and paper cups were so people could wash their hands in the bathroom with Tikvah's hand soap. The top shelf has plastic shampoo bottles, a glass jar with hotel size bar soap, and a liquid soap dispenser. The middle shelf has glass liquid soap dispensers (the kind we package in to sell) and two displays of hotel size bar soap, plus some other things.
Tikvah's Bar Soap
Tikvah's Bar Soap Display
Full size bars in all three varieties: calendula, castile, lavender oatmeal.
See our air filter in the background? We never managed to get electricity so we couldn't plug it in, but we left it as part of the display.
EHN's Display
EHN's display of products used by chemically sensitive people
Board shows Ecology House (the only HUD housing in the US for people with MCS) and the buyer's club for local MCSers. The standard "high end" organic user is someone who uses 3-4 organic products a week. When organics are your only option to get well, we use more than that every day. We are the true high end users!
Buyer's Club Invoice
A recent invoice for the buyer's club
Even poor people will spend extra for organic food and other products if their health depends on it.
EHN's Handouts
EHN's Handouts, including their magazine, The New Reactor
EHN gave away those lovely "Pesticide Free Zone" stickers (Spanish version available). Kids loved them and even adults begged us for extras. The ones in front are metal and designed to stick up from your lawn. Unfortunately, that's the only one we had left on day two. Connie didn't bring any to sell and people just took them when we weren't at the booth.
Get to know your high end users
Close up of our table

We are taking orders for Biokleen & liquid soap base in 5-gallon pails.

Bar soap coming soon!

Tikvah - 735 Gossage Avenue, Petaluma, CA 94952. 707-775-4475 (10am-8pm PDT only) - sales@tikvah.com