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Carbon-Lined Particle Masks

These masks filter more things than do the soapmaker's masks. They are good for filtering volatile chemicals like perfume, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, dryer sheets, etc. But don't expect them to work as well as a respirator. You will still be able to smell toxins through the carbon masks, but the amount reaching your lungs will be reduced.

Carbon Mask

Back in stock as of November 2013!

Price per mask
Price per order
1 Carbon Mask
5 Carbon Masks
10 Carbon Masks
20 Carbon Masks (full box)
2 or more full boxes
$139 (per box)

1-4 masks are $10 each.
5-9 masks are $9.20 each.
10 or more masks are $8.70 each.
If you order full boxes, you may be able to pick them up locally and avoid shipping costs, but there will be tax.

Shipping and handling for any size order, only $3.00!

Please add 8.25% sales tax for orders within California.

Please send your check or money order to: Tikvah, 735 Gossage Avenue, Petaluma, CA 94952. Or you can send your order by email to and your payment via PayPal. Yes, we now accept credit cards! If you'd like to order other products we carry, your shipping and handling costs will vary. Ask us about shipping costs outside the US.

We are taking orders for Biokleen & liquid soap base in 5-gallon pails.

Bar soap coming soon!

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