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Organic isn't just for food

Your skin, the ear canal, and especially the mucus membranes of the vagina absorb toxins almost as well (or in some cases more so) than your mouth and digestive tract. If you believe in eating only organic foods, consider the effect that non-organic cotton and synthetic materials have on the rest of your body too.

Support organic growers and farm workers by buying certified organic products. Cotton is one of the most pesticided crops in the world. The earth and the people working the farms and factories don't care what your end use is; their exposure isn't any less. Why Choose Organic? Organic Essentials has an answer for you.

Because it's organic, you can rest assured that none of these products contain any genetically modified ingredients. Some non-organic cotton is GE (genetically engineered). And of course there are no perfumes/fragrances, rayon, polyester, or other synthetics.

Tikvah carries the full line of Organic Essentials' excellent products, including some special ones you aren't likely to find anywhere else. We plan to add other brands and products in the future to give you a wider range of items to choose from.

We are taking orders for Biokleen & liquid soap base in 5-gallon pails.

Bar soap coming soon!

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