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Organic Essentials Tampons

Organic Essentials Tampons

All of Organic Essentials' tampons are made from certified organic cotton. They do not use any rayon, synthetic chemicals, binders, or fillers. They whiten the cotton with hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. Each individual tampon is wrapped in cellophane, boxed, and sealed.

Except when I need something larger than what they make, I only use Organic Essentials tampons myself. I've used that other well-known digital (non-applicator) brand and there is very little difference in look or use. Organic Essentials uses a white removal string instead of blue. And because there is no polypropylene over wrap, the Organic Essentials digital tampons aren't quite as stiff, but I haven't found this to be a problem in any way. I haven't noticed any difference in absorbency, comfort, insertion or removal.

It's the differences you can't see that matters!! I feel a lot better knowing that a product I use so much of hasn't contributed to the overall chemical load of the earth or my body. No pesticides or herbicides in these tampons. And no dioxin either. Dioxin is produced when chlorine bleach interacts with organic material. It's a major pollutant from paper mills. And, yes, it sticks around in paper and cotton products that were bleached, including tampons, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and paper.

If you've ever experienced chemical exposure reactions from tampons before you might find that organic tampons will work for you. Tikvah offers samples so you can try them out and decide for yourself.

The digital super plus tampons are a one-time purchase. We hope Organic Essentials will offer them permanently but, for now, when we are out of stock, that's it. They are wrapped in cellophane but not boxed. We will sell them in packs of 20 in brown paper bags.

Choose from digital (non-applicator) or applicator tampons. Which you prefer is a personal choice so we have both. For those of you who prefer pads (either as an adjunct to tampons or instead of), we plan to offer them here soon.

Digital Tampon Applicator Tampon
Digital Tampon (non-applicator) Applicator Tampon


Organic Cotton Tampons by Organic Essentials

Digital (non-applicator) Tampons
Regular or Super 20 Count $6
40 Count $10.50
Super Plus (special purchase) 20 Count (no box) $6
Applicator Tampons
Regular or Super 16 Count $6.00

We are taking orders for Biokleen & liquid soap base in 5-gallon pails.

Bar soap coming soon!

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