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Organic Essentials Facial Care

Organic Essentials Cotton Swabs

Organic cotton for your face, ears, and skin. Use products you can feel good about. And that feel good on you! Organic Essentials products are all made from certified organic virgin cotton. They are bleached with hydrogen peroxide, never chlorine bleach.

When you're done with your organic cotton products, toss them into your compost bin. We at Tikvah compost all of ours and they break down quickly and easily, without any worries about chemical residues.

  • Organic Cotton Balls are extra large; about 3 times the size of ordinary cotton balls. They are thick and luxurious and do their job well.
  • Organic Cotton Rounds are flat but loosely packed with one side similar to a cotton ball and the other with some quilting. These aren't much like pads; they're more like a flattened cotton ball, but they're good with a toner to use on your face.
  • Organic Cotton Swabs measure up to any high-quality swab. The ends are thick; you'll never get a stick in your ear like with some lower quality brands. Also great for applying eye makeup. The sticks are made from virgin paper, pressure sealed. No chemicals or glues, and whitened without harmful chlorine bleach.

Organic Cotton Facial Care by Organic Essentials

Cotton Balls 100 Count $3
Cotton Rounds 80 Count $3.50
Cotton Swabs 300 Count $5
Cotton Swabs 36 Count Travel Pack $1.50

We are taking orders for Biokleen & liquid soap base in 5-gallon pails.

Bar soap coming soon!

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